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The DTG Brand of Direct to Garment Printers are always at the vanguard of printing technology and has a history of producing reliable, high quality equipment that is designed to help launch your custom T-shirt business and keep it printing successfully over time.

The M2 is by far our most popular, and PROFITABLE model of direct to garment printers. It's unique features and brute force capabilities make it a real stand out in the field of custom t shirt printing systems. 

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Are you a screen printer tired of saying no to short runs? Or an entrepreneur with plans for a custom t-shirt shop or brand new product line? You are both in the right place!



DTG Brand T-Shirt Printing Machines

The DTG line is sure to include the right model to power your success, whether you're a screen printer looking for a way to produce short runs or an entrepreneur finding out the best way to get into the custom t-shirt business. Welcome to ColDesi, one of the first companies to bring direct to garment printing technologies to North America and the leader in providing products that combine the best combination of price, quality and performance.  Take advantage of our industry expertise and small business savvy by reading through one of the articles below, all designed to help you make the best decision you can for your business and get it started profitably!

Company: Benson Designs
Owner: Shawn Benson
Year Established: 2010
Type of business: Custom T-shirts, Wholesale, Retail

Benson Designs - Custom T-shirt Printers

The Benson Designs Story

Shawn Benson from Ridgeley, WV went from zero to almost $100,000 in revenues in just a few years and is now planning an expansion into a retail space. Learn how Shawn went from his parent's house to plans for a retail space and thriving business.

He is also a member of the Custom Apparel Startups Facebook Group and a listener of the CASPodcast

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do:

BensonDesigns started in 2010 in my bedroom at my parents’ house with a second hand vinyl cutter and heat press. I started out by doing heat transfers and vinyl decals as a hobby mainly for friends and family with no real intention on doing much more. Fast forward a few years, now in my own house and my operation taking up my basement that I have outgrown in just a few short months. Growing a hobby into a business in the last two years from a few dollars in my bank account to sales nearly reaching $100,000; which is still hard to wrap my head around while working a full time job. BensonDesigns offers a wide range of service from vinyl decals to custom one of a kind, decorated apparel and promotional products.


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Can I fill u in on something I learned yesterday? TIM RYU IS THE MAN!!! Very knowledgeable, very patient with me, extremely hard worker and wouldn't even take a tip I offered him. U guys have an awesome employee. He is great. Very polite. A great guy all around. He even helped me to understand Photoshop which he totally didn't have to do, but he got done early and said he wanted to make sure I can make money. I'm so grateful he came. 


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